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Padres Land Mike Clevinger And The White Sox Are All The More Suited To Win The AL Central Because Of It

This was looking to be the case for the last 24 hours or so, and it's whatever to me. Preller is sort of on the hot seat in SD and has to make a major run this year, which the Padres are currently doing. They're a playoff team and if they're not in the same division as the complete powerhouse that is the LA Dodgers, they're probably winning a lot of divisions. 

This move is huge for SD. They have a legit stud in their rotation now to complement Paddack and Lamet while also now being able to shift Richards to the pen or turn around and trade him. At a glance the Padres committed highway robbery with who they gave up - Cal Quantril, Josh Naylor, and Gabe Arias might all be fine players, but it lacks the major headliner I would have assumed/was told Clev would require in a trade. I am SHOCKED Patino or Abrams weren't a part of the package SD is sending to Cleveland. SHOCKED. Quantril could turn out to be good, but I don't think he'll ever front a rotation. Just my opinion, but he doesn't reek anything more than middle of the rotation starter to me at best, which is fine. Just not what I personally expected Clev to return. 

UPDATE: here's the full package -

Still doesn't scare me really at all.  Nobody in this package makes me say "oh fuck" like... at all. Some nice players sure but Clevinger is a stud. I don't think any of these guys will ever become "studs" 

Now with that said, the Tribe develops pitching better than any other organization in baseball arguably. In the last calendar year, they've dealt Cory Kluber, Trevor Bauer and Mike Clevinger... and haven't skipped a beat. So maybe they turn Quantril into the stud people thought he might be. Wouldn't shock me in the least.

But perhaps this drives down the price on Lynn? And if it does, do the White Sox have the fringe top 100 guys to complete a deal for him without touching Vaughn or Kopech? Not sure, but I lean towards no. But by not having Patino/Abrams in the deal for Clevinger, it at best helps the White Sox and at worst changes nothing, and I consider that a good thing in and of itself. 

So now what? Here's what we do:

Giphy Images.

This means the Padres are out on the next two biggest names, Lance Lynn and Brandon Woodruff available via trade. The Blue Jays, Yankees, Braves and White Sox will all be "in" on those guys, and both will come with varying levels of prospect cost as Lynn is controlled through next year and is 33, while Woodruff is controlled through 2024 and only 27. Oh yeah, and now the Indians, who are tied with the White Sox for 1st in the AL Central, are a worse team today than they were yesterday and even though they didn't land Clev themselves, the White Sox are better off right now than they were yesterday by default. 

Gun to head though, the White Sox end up with someone like a Kevin Gausman who's been decent enough for SF this year. He's a good strike out pitcher and would without question be better than Lopez in the backend of the rotation. Get someone of his ilk while also supplementing the pen and this team is cooking with gas while still having Kopech and Vaughn on deck for 2021. 

I really like the position the Sox are in and you should too. Long may they reign! Pray for the league, pray for it!!