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The Public Has Spoken About Madden 21 And It's NOT GREAT!

Madden 21, your user Metacritic rating. Woof!

Shout out to the 44 EA employees stooges that gave a positive rating and 16 mamalukes that had the nerve to give a neutral rating to a game that has the LOL funny rating of "Overwhelming dislike".

I was trying to figure out things that Barstool that had worse than a 0.3/10 rating throughout the company's history since our critics are never afraid to speak their mind, but I honestly couldn't think of one. The DevNest erased God knows how many classic blogs from the site and Barstool LA was so hated by the comment section that the Mean Comments videos somehow became its legacy. Yet as someone that lived through both of them, I can tell you they both had a better than THREE percent approval rating from the general public, as has literally every other video game in the history of Metacritic.

A 3/10 rating is a problem but 0.3 out of 10 is a goddamn DISASTER that almost feels like a glitch where someone mistakenly moved the decimal over one spot. Wait, did someone say glitches? Well there are already plenty of glitches from this year's Madden circulating the internet less than a week after it came out!

To be honest, these make me laugh since they rarely happen to me and I feel for the people that have to test a game as complex as Madden since I used to test software as a QA analyst before becoming a professional internet idiot

Now you can tell me that this is just the latest internet pig pile as everyone has become fed up with the game never changing year after year, EA being the biggest microtransactional motherfuckers on the planet blind toward the fact they are shaking down people paying $60+, and of course the zillions of glitches that come out during release week. 

However, shit like this is just lazy and embarrassing:

As you would expect, the online mob even got a few hashtags trending including #NFLDropEA. Now usually a bunch of angry people and a good hashtag could make some changes in the year 2020 (Source: #ReleaseTheSnyderCut as well as countless people being #Cancelled). 

However, the NFL is a league famous for doing whatever is better for business instead of for the product and just re-upped with EA for the foreseeable future!

I tried to sum up this entire Madden situation with one gif from Madden in our GIPHY database and I think this is about as good as it's going to get.

Giphy Images.

I hate to say it but I think we are officially at the point where not even Coach Duggs could save Madden. Shit, we may even be at the point where people above the middle managers at EA may have to actually do something crazy, like actually listen to their fanbase!

As is the case with every sad blog about the Madden franchise, here is a GIF of John Madden ripping a heater to take at least a little bit of the sour taste out of your mouth and remind you of better times.

P.S. No matter what EA does in the future, we must Never Forgive, Never Forget this grave injustice.

PS - We're live now talking Madden in Verdansk.  It STINKS!

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