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Firenadoes Are Apparently A Thing Now Because Why The Fuck Not?

I know for certain that there's a part of my soul that exists that would be absolutely TERRIFIED at the mere thought of a firenado let alone a video of it with sirens straight from a nightmare ringing out. But that part of my soul has been numbed like a zillion CCs of novocaine was injected into it uncut to the gut thanks to 2020s recklessness. I feel like Michael Cera should be falling into the pits of hell and Kenny Powers should be threatening to cum on unlimited walls as this scene unfolds. Nope, just another day in paradise.

Will someone please just drop that gaudy crystal ball in Times Square right this second in order to just change the last number on the calendar? I don't know if it will help matters at all but it sure as shit can't hurt. And for anybody who was anywhere near this horror scene, stay safe and stay sane.