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You Can't Be Charged For Child Neglect For Leaving Your Kid In The Car To Drink On Mother's Day

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911- A woman was arrested on Mother’s Day after Police say she left her 4-year-old inside a car while she drank with her boyfriend. Police responded to a call from a bartender at Lumpy’s Sports Grill Sunday evening and found the toddler in the back seat of the mother’s car sleeping. Hayley Dawn Hampton, 28, said she came to the bar to pick up her boyfriend but decided to stay to ‘celebrate’ the holiday. From KOCO:  “The bartender said the boyfriend went outside for about 10 to 15 minutes to look after the child when Hampton arrived at the bar, according to the report. The bartender said she became concerned when neither Hampton nor the boyfriend went back out to stay with the child and said she went outside for about 15 minutes before calling police, according to the report. Neither Hampton nor the boyfriend went outside between the time the bartender called police and when police arrived, the report said.” Hampton was arrested and charged with child neglect.


I’m not often to take a woman’s side on anything, but this is clear as day, dark as night. Mother’s Day is the one day a year mothers can get away with pretty much anything. If they want you to go to some dumb breakfast at 9am at some way too fancy place and then expect you to pay for the bill, you just do it. So it seems unconstitutional a mother can be arrested for leaving her kid in the car to drink on Mother’s Day. She takes care of that goddamn  thing every other day of the year, I think she’s allowed to lock it in a car one time to catch a quick buzz. How about the bartender minds his own business and doesn’t judge how people choose to celebrate? Some people want to spend time with their kids, some people want to get some alone time away from that mistake. Have some perspective for me one time.