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The Hits Keep Coming For Barcelona: Miss BumBum Champ Is Following Messi And Announced She Won't Wear Their Shirt Ever Again

[Source] - "As long as Josep Maria Bartomeu is president of Barcelona, I will not wear the shirt or celebrate their victories or titles.

"I am now the most fantastic fan of Mancheter City. "Messi did everything for Barcelona. Without Messi in the last five years we wouldn't even be able to qualify for the Europa League.

Talk about rough times. Barcelona is losing Messi AND Miss Bum Bum Champ 2019 Suzy Cortez? That's about as low as times as it gets. Well, that and losing 8-2 to Bayern in the Champions League while also not winning the league or any trophy this season. Don't know how they'll bounce back after this. 

That said, this isn't THAT surprising. The only thing Suzy loves more than winning Miss Bum Bum and Barcelona is Messi. So much so she got TWO tattoos of him. She's even blocked by Messi and his wife on social media. Oh and the tattoos? They are on her groin and ass. Two spots of love. 

Shout out Miss Bum Bum though - the definition of ride or die. She loves Messi. You treat Messi like 'trash' she's done wearing your shirt. Now I do wonder if she's leaking information about Man City. Just coming out and saying that makes me think Messi is going there even more now. You don't just say that without any information. Not when your Miss Bum Bum, oh no. 

Pray for Barcelona.