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Jager Burton (A+++++ Name) Picks UK Over Bama, Clemson And Ohio State - In FOOTBALL - Immediately Throws L's Down To Piss Off Louisville Fans

How do I know Jager Burton is going to be an All-American at Kentucky? First off, his name is Jager Burton. You're going to be a star if your named Jager Burton, that's just a fact. Also guaranteed to be on the offensive line with the name Jager. The second reason? See the other hats on that table? That's Ohio State, Alabama and Oregon. Last time I checked they were all pretty good programs. I know I'm the college hoops guy, but pretty sure Alabama and Ohio State are better at football than basketball. I know for a fact the same goes for Clemson, another hat there. 

But he picked Kentucky. Which leads me to the third reason why he's going to be a star. L's down. Just the universal sign to piss off a Louisville fan. It makes me smile so much. You throw an L's down and they lose their shit, starting with their head coach. 

Jager Burton just gets it. So let's watch some important highlights: 

Getting recruits over Bama, Clemson and Ohio State. We recruiting recruiting now. Great day to be a Wildcat.