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Leonard Fournette Waived By The Jaguars In a Shocking Move

I didn’t see this one coming at all. Sure, I didn’t think Leonard would be back next year but releasing him now, unless there’s something we don’t know, makes very little sense.

This team and it’s draft picks are mind blowing, man.

Luke Joeckel
Blake Bortles
Dante Fowler 

Jalen Ramsey

Leonard Fournette

All picks in the top 5 and none of those are still with them team and some are out of the NFL completely.

Leonard wasn’t what he was expected to be when he was stupidly drafted by the Jaguars a few years ago. A combination of a shitty line and him being out of shape at times led to a power back, who was supposed to be explosive, underperforming at nearly every step of the way.

Other highly-drafted running backs in recent years nearly reversed the adage that RBs are overvalued. That hasn’t been the Jaguars’ luck. People forget the Jaguars also drafted TJ Yeldon at the top of round 2. He never got a second contract with the team either.

Even people without homes in the dead of winter in my beloved Saskatchewan wouldn’t warm their frost-bitten hands on the dumpster fire that is the Jacksonville Jaguars- who’ve been in a perpetual state of rebuilding for a decade plus.