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Marcus Morris Is Now Chirping Luka Doncic In The Instagram Comments, Tells Him To 'Cry Me A River'

I gotta admit this is always one of my favorite parts of the playoffs. You never know what random individual rivalry you get for a series. This year it's Marcus Morris vs Luka Doncic. And now it's gone to social media and interviews. It started with this play back in game 5: 

Morris responded on Twitter that it wasn't a cheap shot: 

All seemed to be okay. Doncic said he didn't think it was personal because he didn't think Morris was a cheap player. I said it before but this is who Marcus Morris is. He's a pest. He grabs, he shoves, he does all the little things that just piss you off. It's why he's become a decent defender in the league. Fast forward to last night then: 

Just a solid smack to the head. Morris gets kicked out, which we can debate whether or not that specific foul deserved it. I don't think it was an ejection, but it's more the boiling point ejection. Anywho, Luka takes to the press conference to say he pretty much fucking hates Marcus Morris: 

And that's where you get Marcus Morris telling him to cry him a river in the Instagram comments. I gotta admit, the fact he went with that line made me laugh because it's just so corny. He should have just went with the 'Clips in six' but the cry me a river part does make it hilarious. That's the line? Of all the things to say to Luka Doncic, that's what you go with? Either way we now have a new rivalry. Clips/Mavs and Doncic/Marcus Morris. 

Also Luka Doncic mixing it up and talking shit makes me think he's a bigger star already. Next, he's just gotta change that number. You can't be a hoops star wearing 77. That number fucking stinks for basketball. He's got the shit talking down, he's throwing balls at refs, just change the number my man. 

PS: Boban being the one to hold back Luka is the best part of the entire video