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Benches Clear In Cubs Game Because Tejay Antone Threw At Anthony Rizzo's Head

The Cubs and Reds played a doubleheader today. Anthony Rizzo hit 2 home runs in the 1st game off Trevor Bauer. The Reds did not like that so some guy named Tejay Antone threw at Anthony's head. 

David Ross then got ejected because it's 2020 and nothing makes sense. Then the Cubs responded in kind, kinda. 

Blah blah blah. Kimbrel comes out and blows a lead in the 7th. All of this is marginally blogable until my eyes stop dead in their tracks at this fucking bullshit

That's the Reds starting pitcher flopping his proverbial dick around after allowing 3 ER in 4 innings and registering a no decision. A guy making his 2nd career start for a demonstrably hopeless franchise. A guy that will come and go so quickly into the MLB history books that I'm actually mad I'm spending time writing this blog. But it's little shit like this that ends up killing guys like me so I need to address it head on. 


I get that the tides are changing and we're all for players vesting as free agents the second they get drafted and all that bullshit but for fuckssake can this guy get a monthly paystub before he comes at the Chicago Cubs? This guy's living out of a duffle bag in a Best Western in downtown Cincinnati right now. How much self-awareness do you need before you get on the mic and start ragging one the NL's living legends? This guy reeks

Other than that the Cubs lost this game if you couldn't tell from the tone of my voice. Kimbrel blew a 1-run save opportunity. Out of respect for this being a Saturday night and there still being plenty of time to have some fun, I will just turn it over to you guys. Fucking sucks being a Cubs fan this time of year, every year.