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Chick With DD Breast Implants In Her Ass Can Twerk With The Best Of Them

Daily MailA former model who has DD size breast implants in her buttocks is relieved to find two plastic surgeons who are willing to operate on her misshapen rear end after a botched surgery in Mexico left her with a butt that twerks on its own. On tonight’s episode of E! reality series Botched, Jana Stoner, from Garden Grove, California, asks doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif to rectify the physical appearance of her buttocks while ensuring that her body keeps ‘its curve’. But after asking Jana to shake her bum to determine how loose the implants are, Dr Dubrow realizes he has his work cut out for him. ‘Jana’s butt implants are so big that when she twerks her buttock implants twerk independently of herself,’ he explains in a preview clip. ‘They have their own zip code.’  And Dr Dubrow is even more amazed that Jana is also able to use her muscles to move each butt implant independently.  ‘It’s interesting that she can control each one individually,’ he tells Dr Nassif, who is growing increasingly uncomfortable with Dr Dubrow’s behavior during the consultation.  ‘I am very serious in front of my patients,’ Dr Nassif tells the cameras. ‘So a lot of this stuff is inappropriate – for me that is. Terry loves it all.’ While the doctors asses the size of Jana’s silicone buttock implants, which they explain are 650cc each, the former model is thrilled that someone is willing to take on her case. 

Fake boobs in your butt cheeks. Thats some next level shit right there. Are you a boobs guy or an ass guy? How about you just fuck Jana Stoner and then you get both at the same time! Best of both worlds. You’re titty fucking her doggystyle. Her ass is just a rack of boobs without nipples. She needs to wear a bra around her waist to hold those tittycheeks up. They were rocking back and forth like a swingset. Bouncing up and down like a goddam see saw.

And you know what? I dont mind it. I dont mind it one bit. Yea it seems a little weird. But I always appreciate a good jiggle. And at the very least its a pretty unique experience. Not many guys can say they had sex with a boobsbutt. So, I’m officially on the record as a “would” and not only that, but I’d brag to my friends about it.