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Weekend Wake Up: The Most Insane, Coolest Golf Hole In The World

First of all I want to say this hole is probably easier than anything in the Barstool Society tournaments on PGA2k21, thanks Frankie. Now that we've gotten that out of the way, this hole is so damn cool. A cool 1,312 feet in the air, it's the longest and highest par 3 in the world. Since the video is a bit dated, I'll update you. There have been 136 players to shoot par on this hole and according to wikipedia, only 15 have gotten a birdie on it. I'd love to know the amount of balls lost on this hole too. Considering you have to take a helicopter to the tee box, I think if you're allowed a mulligan or 2. I am terrified of heights, absolutely terrified, so this hole is not for me. I'd for sure be sitting out the "Extreme 19th". I got shaky just watching them up on the tee box, no chance I'd be able to take the heli up. Like most of my golf holes, give me and 8 and lets move on. Visually it's an awesome hole though, I'd love to hear or see some updated numbers on scores from this hole. Gotta think someone could just sit up there with a bucket of balls and try and get a hole in 1 all day.