Weekend Playlist - DJ AM Mixes On The 11th Anniversary Of His Death And Dad Rock Part 2

(This blog was supposed to post last week on the actual anniversary of AM's passing. But since I don't publish my own blogs it got mixed up by mistake and didn't. So that's why it's a week late.)

For this weekend's playlist I decided to go with some mixes instead of a playlist. Not just any mixes, but mixes from the greatest DJ that ever lived. Adam, DJ AM, Goldstein. Today (yesterday) marks the 11th anniversary of his tragic death. 

The impact AM had on me, other people battling addiction, like himself, and music as a whole will be felt for years to come. 

If you're unfamiliar with who he was I can't encourage you enough to watch the documentary DJ AM: AS I AM on Prime Video.

My friends Kevin Scott and Kevin Kerslake produced the film and there wasn't a single thing they missed. 

They've also done a great job of keeping his name alive by continuing to uncover never before heard mixes from around the globe and making them available to the public. 

They just released this new one yesterday and it has a crazy backstory.

Here are some past ones that are GOLD - 



"Starve The Ego, Feed The Soul" - DJ AM

p.s. - the question that always haunts me about Adam's passing too early was how different things would be today in the music scene if he were still alive. The same way I wonder how different it'd be if B.I.G. hadn't died so young. Of course we would all still know Jay-Z and he'd be a star, but there's no way he'd be a bigger deal that Biggie. The same goes for Diplo and the other 100 DJ's and dj/producers that AM paved the way for today. Crazy to think about.

p.p.s. - As I mentioned I'll post the original long-form blog another day on just how incredible Adam was.


Since last week's post didn't get posted here is another playlist to catch up.

Dad Rock Part 2.