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This Week In Movie News - Nutty Professor Reboot, A New Ryan Reynolds Comedy And More

*ICYMI, here is all the action from DC FanDome on Saturday*


1. Enola Holmes 

2. Ammonite



1. 'The Making Of', a RomCom from Ed Zwick and Marshall Herskovitz (Traffic, Legends of the Fall and The Last Samurai) has cast Lin Manuel Miranda, Blake Lively, Diane Keaton and Richard Gere. 

The Making Of follows a pair of married filmmakers (Gere and Keaton), who cast actors (Miranda and Lively) to play younger versions of themselves in a movie about their romance -- as their marriage is falling apart.

I've soured on Lin Manuel more and more as time as gone on and his his social media presence became more insufferable. He is an innovative, multi-hyphenate genius, but i just can't stand that level of optimism. I do, however, love Blake Lively and Diane Keaton. It's just unfortunate that my stupid brain won't let me think of Richard Gere without thinking of the same thing you're thinking of right now. 

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2. From one half of Blake Lively to another, Ryan Reynolds has signed on to star, co-write and produce a comedy called 'Upstate' for Netflix. Thats basically all the information there is, but that is a tantalizing item on paper. He is obviously a hilarious and charming presence on screen, but I'm also curious to see what he can bring as a writer. He is credited as a co-writer on the script for Deadpool 2, which was one of the better sequels in the comic book movie universe. I am curious about what it will be about since my only association of the word 'Upstate' as a Long Islander is Upstate New York. You know, the place that starts once you get north of the Bronx? It's where my childhood dog Chubbs is has been hanging out at a farm for the last 22 years. 

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3. Fresh off the multi-Oscar winning 'Parasite', star Song Kang-Ho has signed on to do a movie called 'Baby, Box, Broker' with Hirokazu Kore-eda, who recently directed the amazing 'Shoplifters. Song is the fucking man and has an amazing pedigree in SK movies outside of just Parasite. If you were a fan of that movie, check out his other work with Bong in 'Snowpiercer', 'Memories of a Murder' and 'The Host'. Also, 'Taxi Driver' was a great movie as well. While I have the soapbox, I'll rant how I'm pissed that he didn't get nominated for best actor. How. How does the academy unanimously agree that it's a movie worthy of 4 MAJOR CATEGORY WINS but not worthy of a single acting nomination?? Fuck off. ANyway, Shoplifters was also incredible and was a close second to win best Foreign Language movie 2 years ago to Roma. I'm pumped to see this collab.

4. Kate Winslet, Jennifer Hudson and Glenn Close are joining Daisy Ridley in the VR animated movie 'Baba Yaga'. 

No, it doesn't have much to do with either of these scenes. Here is the synopsis:

In “Baba Yaga,” viewers will be invited as a character into a fairytale world, and their choices could determine the ending of the story. The enigmatic witch Baba Yaga (Winslet) uses her powers to stop the villagers whose settlement encroaches on her enchanted Forest (Hudson). When the viewer’s mother, the Chief (Close), falls deathly ill, it is up to them and their sister Magda (Ridley) to enter the rainforest, uncover its mysteries and get the cure from Baba Yaga.

I'm down for this! I'm excited to see Daisy Ridley get free of Star Wars and start to establish her career as a legit actress. Teaming up with 3 greats is a perfect place to start. The unfortunate part is that I will never see it since it's exclusively debuting on Oculus Quest later this year.

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5. Kelly Marie Tran will play Rava in the upcoming Disney movie 'Raya and the Last Dragon' The base synopsis of the movie is "A lone warrior sets out to find the last dragon in existence and save the kingdom of Kumandra from the villainous Druun". Tran will be opposite Awkwafina, who is fresh off an insanely good performance in 'The Farewell'. Just like with Ridley, I'm eager to see Tran shake off Star Wars and do her own thing. I have super high hopes for this being a great kids movie that has story appeal for adults. 

5. There is another Nutty Professor remake in the works, this time from Project X Entertainment. At first, I thought the same thing you did. "Project X as in that shitty movie from 2012? The one with the competition to have an "epic" party that me and all my friends entered a million submissions for?" No. This is an independent production/financing company headed by some guys that were involved in some pretty good stuff like Zodiac, Ready or Not, Avengers and more. Some people got really pissed about this, but I don't really think it's a huge deal. The Murphy remake is the one I grew up with, and I don't think it's in the tier of movies that should never be remade again.