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UConn Football Picks Up First Ever 5-Star Recruit

All I have heard for the past 2-3 years has been that it's only a matter of time before UConn moves to the FCS for football. That means today is a bad, bad day for the haters. 

You answer me this riddle, why on earth would a 5-star athlete come to UConn if they were moving to the FCS? That's right, you can't riddle me that because it's impossible. 

In all seriousness, I think every punter that graduates high school is a 5-star punter/kicker. I've never heard of a 3-star kicker signing at a school. It's always a 5-star kicker thanks to some punter/kicking recruiting service.

The question is....can a kicker truly be a 5-star? If he can hit FGs at a 95% accuracy from up to 60-70 yards then I guess you could consider giving them a 5-star rating.