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As It Turns Out Bella Thorne Scammed Everyone On OnlyFans, Causing A Ripple Effect And Forcing OnlyFans To Go Into Panic Mode





This Bella Thorne OnlyFans saga just took a twist for the ages. The last we heard, she was making $1 million a day from putting her pictures behind a paywall. And as it turns out, she was telling people included in the subscription would be nudes if you paid…checks notes $200 fucking dollars for an "OnlyFans PPV", meaning on top of your subscription price, you pay another $200 for an in-app PPV.

But much to the dismay of horny folks anywhere, she wasn't nude and it ended up causing a ripple effect through the entire OnlyFans community:



Brutal. SO MANY people requested refunds it has completely changed the economy of OnlyFans. OF has reduced their max price of PPVs to $50 (to lessen the blow on future potential refunds) and has limited the amount you can tip in the app to $100 (not sure why, but I'm sure it's similar reasons). And worse, payout wait times is now a full month, which is absolutely brutal. Bella Thorne broke OnlyFans. 

It's a shame this rich actress scammed her way through OnlyFans and now is hurting the people who actually need the money. I would say don't hate the player hate the game, but since she lied and scammed and is now costing the true OF girls money, it is very fair to hate the player in this case. Fuck Bella Thorne.