Big Ten Considering Plan to Start Football Season Thanksgiving Weekend

The Big Ten's "spring" season could possibly start earlier than originally anticipated, as the league is reportedly considering a plan which would have the season start on Thanksgiving weekend.

For fans who wanted as close to a traditional fall football season as possible, this is probably the best case scenario at this point. The Big Ten seems like it won't reverse its decision and play starting in September, but this is seemingly an admission it may have made a decision a little too quickly.

A Big Ten season which starts on Thanksgiving and then carries through February would give us Power Five college football for at least five consecutive months — and that's just regular seasons. Then you throw in whatever postseason the Big Ten works out and we have college football leading into March Madness.

I actually love the thought of having college football staggered for more than half the year. i don't want to do it more than once, but in this wacky season, it seems like the best possible thing right now. Give us the big boys starting in a month and then once the SEC starts winding down, give us Minnesota-Northwestern at 11 a.m. local time from Evanston.

I don't know if weather has been factored into this decision at all, but watching games in Minneapolis and Madison in January would be electric. That is the archetype of Big Ten football.

So after all that has happened in the last month, the Big Ten may end up playing some version of a fall season after all.