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Tony Hawk Helping 12 Year Old Skateboarding Boss Sky Brown Hit The Mega Ramp Is Awesome


If you don't know who Sky Brown is, she is a 12 year old certified bad ass skateboarder. I don't know how to put this, but sometimes the media or whatever tries to pump someone up who isn't that good because it's simply a good story, but Sky Brown ain't that. She's legitimately, at 12 years old, a ridiculously good skateboarder. 





I don't know how anyone is that good at anything at 12 years old, nevermind skateboarding. But she's a beast. But was she beast enough for the Mega Ramp?

The above videos actually put into context how intimidating the Mega Ramp must be, because she is doing all sorts of ridiculous tricks with no problem, but then was still hesitant about Mega Ramp. I did some research and apparently it's a 60 foot ramp…so yeah, pretty mega.

But obviously when you have Tony Hawk coaching you up, you drop in.



And then she crushed it:




Awesome. She could very well eventually be a house-hold name if she keeps this trajectory. I mean she already has over 660k followers on IG, and if/when she competes in the Olympics and wins, is on Wheaties boxes, etc, who knows how big she'll get.