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The Michaels (Craft Store) Online Chat Is The Hottest Place On The Web

Ever so often, someone on the internet discovers something that just confuses the hell out of me. Last night, it was this dude from Twitter who found, presumably while perusing the Michaels craft store website, that there is a feature on the website that allows you to chat, not with customer support, but other Michaels shoppers? Immediately, a ton of questions immediately popped into my head. Why did Michaels decide this was a necessary feature for their website? Is this something that is commonly used by those who need their urgent Michaels questions answered? Will it be infiltrated by lunatics and pedophiles like the similar feature notoriously instituted by Ryan Howard's Dunder Mifflin website revamp? Who knows, I do not.

I am not exactly sure how many people were already floating around this chat before this tweet went super viral, but when I discovered it around 11 pm last night, it was absolutely BUSTLING. Thousands of people were asking questions every single second, it was absolute lawlessness and I loved every second of it.

One notable standout was a bot that was formed that sent this picture of a woman and a horse to about 99% of any message that went through.

I also met a really nice fellow who confided in me his struggle with his ultimate frisbee career and thought I was a BIG TIME liar when I told him I may write a blog for Barstool Sports about this.

Note - obviously a typo for the word big in there

There was also a downright overwhelming amount of Diary of a Wimpy Kid sexual fan-fiction going on, which I can't say I am happy about.

The most shocking thing about the entire ordeal is that the Michaels website managed to handle this preposterous increase in traffic quite well. The chat was quick to refresh and load and it was just something I'm thrilled to have stumbled across bored as hell last night. 

The chat feature was disabled overnight, unfortunately, but let's all smile back on the times we had. How lucky we all are to have something to miss.