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I'm Addicted To Donnie's Italian Beef Goons

In case you missed it, I joined Donnie this week on GOONED UP to try our hand at a partnership with Italian Beef. 

Some notes worth sharing: 

- I loved goons before shooting this, but now that I know the magic behind the goon, I almost respect them that much more. The simplicity yet complex flavor profile is one of the great paradoxes in world cuisine. Huge goon guy. 

- The Italian Beef crossover was so successful that I'm actually kinda pissed it took for us 2 to get this figured out. Like no disrespect to me or Donnie but you're telling me someone hasn't pioneered this before? That's crazy to me because they're literally unfuckingbelievably delicious 

- The bread held throughout the sammy

- I was genuinely so excited to go behind the scenes of Al's on Taylor. This is my #1 BY FAR in Chicago and I get a lot of shit because they have chains. But this one's different. Still owned and operated by the family. So when Anthony invited us through the backdoor to see the magic, there was no hesitation. They say you don't want to see the sausage get made but that's why it's sausage and not Italian Beef. Truly a magical experience. 

- Making goons takes a lot of time. Donnie doesn't tell you that when you get started. I probably folded goons for 45 minutes the other night during a Cubs game. I'm not calling it therapeutic but same time it wasn't too different than cutting the grass. Only thinking about your next turn. Only thinking about your next goon fold. 

- Honestly, no bullshit, those are 9.0 goons. HARD 9.0

- Heyhowyadoin