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Brodie Van Wagenen Released A Statement Saying It Was Jeff Wilpon's Idea To Have The Mets And Marlins Walk Out And Then Play An Hour Later Tonight, Not Rob Manfred's

Honestly, I have no clue if asking the Mets and Marlins to stage a social walk out only to return an hour later because it would be inconvenient to Major League Baseball's schedule was Jeff Wilpon's awful idea or Rob Manfred's awful idea. But considering both of them are known for being abysmal leaders that should be launched directly into the sun, neither would surprise me, nor would this entire statement written by a likely lame duck GM that is probably going to be a baseball agent again by this time next year pinning this mistakenly leaked plan on a lame duck owner that will be gone next year in order to make the commissioner of Major League Baseball look better, which isn't hard to do considering he has a roughly 0% approval rating last time I checked. Nonetheless, the Mets organization completely bungling a situation that required some grace and compassion is completely on brand while the players handled things their own way.