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Worst Parents Of All Time Get Distracted And Allow Their 4 Year Old Daughter To Drift Half a Mile Out To Sea On Her Inflatable Unicorn


The child, who was in the sea off the coast of Antirrio, Corith, had reportedly ‘escaped her parents’ attention’ and floated away. Local media reports say when they realised their daughter was out of sight, her parents contacted the port authorities who alerted the captain of local ferry the Salaminomachos. 

The captain found the child in the middle of the sea and manoeuvred the inflatable unicorn to safety.

These days most parents are generally too protective and have an obsessive amount of control over what they're kids do on a daily basis. Now why did I say most and not all? Well that's because of the parents in this story. 

If you ever had any inkling that your parents sucked at raising you, please direct your attention to these bumbling idiots who got distracted and let their 4 year old drift half a mile out to sea on an inflatable unicorn float. That's right, I said HALF A MILE. I get that parenting is hard. I couldn't imagine how I'd got about raising a kid right now, never mind in the next 10 years. That being said allowing her to float half a mile into the ocean is so unbelievably far that it seems impossible. They almost had to have been doing this on purpose. It's like this was their attempt of getting rid of their daughter. Just let her float out and hope either another family finds her or a sea monster takes her to Atlantis and starts up a new society with her as the chosen one. Unfortunately for them a nearby ferry spotted the inflatable unicorn and rescued the poor girl, returning her to the terrible parents. Heartwarming. 

Real quick shout out to the unicorn. That thing has legit magical powers and you cannot convince me otherwise. I imagine that ocean current was pretty strong and the fact that it held strong the whole way is nothing short of miraculous. No one will give the unicorn credit here, but thankfully that's why I'm here. Also this 4 year old girl has one helluva grip. I don't know what sport that could apply to in the future, but the least the parents could do here is figure that part out and capitalize on the talent. That's elite level grip that you cannot teach.