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Marketing Queen Kris Jenner Cashing in on Meme Market, Files for Trademark to 'You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie'

The marketing genius of a generation is making sure she gets a cut of that lucrative meme money. Kris Jenner has filed for a trademark to the phrase, "You're doing amazing, sweetie," which she uttered in an old episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

I'm honestly shocked it took Jenner this long to start trying to cash in on a meme that has been popular for quite some time. This is a woman who *allegedly* marketed her own daughter's sex tape — the clip from which this phrase emanates is actually while Kim is doing a photoshoot for Playboy, incidentally. You know damn well she's getting in on the Kardashian meme market.

I have no doubt whatever that family puts this phrase on will instantaneously become a must-have item. A simple utterance from a 2007 television episode will become one of the hottest things of 2020 because that's how things work for the Kardashians. Kylie could put out makeup that actually makes people look worse and that would become the new trend.

Page Six — Jenner’s trademark will apply to clothing items such as coats, dresses, footwear, headwear, jackets, jumpers, loungewear, rompers, scarves and even baby onesies.

It will also apply to hair brushes, home decor, baby carriers, journals, calendars, greeting cards, accessories and cosmetics.

Oh yeah, we're absolutely getting the Kylie "You're Doing Amazing, Sweetie" lip gloss collection. That said, will I be rocking a hoodie emblazoned with this phrase come December? Who's to say?