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Two Asian Girls Try To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other's Mouth On Japanese Game Show

Talk about some high fucking stakes. I think I’d honestly rather play Russian Roulette than this cockroach tube game. My palms were sweating just watching these two. The chick who ended up winning came within an inch of losing like 2 or 3 times. Able to withstand the furious blow job onslaught her opponent unleashed. She dug deep for one last blow and – BAM! – cockroach right down that bitch’s throat. I bet that thing didnt’t even end up in her stomach. Right into the lungs. Probably in there right now like when Pinocchio was inside that whale.  Vile. Absolutely vile.

Fuckin Japan man. You gotta respect their game show prowess. Every challenge or contest is always vaguely sexual right before they hit you over the head with something absolutely repulsive. Like “Lets have 2 pretty Asian girls wrap their lips around this tube and blow…AND THEN THEY EAT COCKROACHES!” Just mixing up all sorts of their weird perverted stuff into one game. We love karaoke…we love blow jobs…lets have girls blow guys while they sing karaoke! They certainly know how to put asses in the seats.