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Woman Gives A Surprise Birth On Plane In What Had To Have Been The Worst Flight In The History Of Aviation


CANADA – The baby born on an Air Canada flight somewhere over the Pacific Ocean was a complete surprise to her B.C. parents. Ada Guan, 23, delivered her baby with the help of three doctors aboard the plane. She was travelling from Calgary to Tokyo with her boyfriend, Wesley Branch. There was no sign the couple were expecting a baby when they saw them three weeks earlier, she added. As the couple stepped out of the plane with their bundle of joy in Japan, new dad Wesley Branch also appeared surprised. “She [Guan] said to my son ‘something just fell out of me,'” Sandra said.

I guarantee 99% of the passengers in coach wouldn’t have minded if that plane did a nosedive right into the ocean. Flying sucks to begin with. No leg room, awful food and there’s only so much entertainment, alcohol and naps that can distract you from the fear of instant death from 40,000 ft. Now imagine being stuck in a seat while some Canadian bitch screams bloody murder while taking a literal 8-pound shit from her vagina 8 feet away. You put on your headphones and try to block it out but you can’t shake the smell of stitched-up-snatch that’s overwhelmed the cabin. Nope. Gotta be the worst passenger aviation experience in history. And that includes the Hindenberg.

PS – We once flew Air India once from JFK to Heathrow in London to save some money. A little advice for people thinking about doing the same – DON’T. The $200 saved roundtrip wasn’t worth watching 5 hours of Everybody Loves Raymond in Hindu and dealing with smells reserved for the 7th level of hell. 2nd worst flight ever.