Maryland Woman Arrested For Putting Her Skin Shavings In Her Roommates' Milk

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WaPo - A Maryland woman was arrested for allegedly putting the skin she shaved off her feet into her roommates’ milk. After two of her roommates gagged on the milk they were drinking, then realized it contained human skin, Sarah Schrock of Mechanicsville was charged with contaminating food or drink, which is a felony, and with second-degree assault.  One of the roommates drank some of the milk, and immediately began to gag. The roommate coughed up a substance that seemed to be human skin. The other roommate drank the milk as well, and likewise started gagging and coughed up skin. The third person decided not to drink that third glass of milk. The three poured the remaining milk in a strainer. They were left with something that looked like the skin shavings that Schrock kept in trays in her bedroom, the product of scraping the bottoms of her feet.


Yo, look how happy this bitch is. Smiling like it’s the 4th of July because she got her roommates to drink her skin milk. She’s glowing. She got 2 out of her 3 roommates to put her foot shavings in her mouth. Like this bitch takes out a cheese grater, goes to town on her feet, and puts the end product in the milk like it’s another day at the office. The roommates won’t ever be able to drink milk again. They’ll see a baby drinking milk in public and do some sort of karate ninja move and knock the bottle out of it’s mouth. They are scarred for life. Need to know what her motive was. Did she think she was just doing a May Fools joke? Did she dance around like nananana made you drink my foot skin? Or maybe it’s just a kinky fetish of hers? Maybe both? Afterall, read that last sentence from the post. She keeps skins shavings in trays in her bedroom. The fuck yo? The fuck? I’m just imagining she sprinkles it on top of pasta like it’s some fresh parmesan.