Now Damian Lillard And Other NBA Players Are Saying The Reports Of The Season Being Cancelled Are Not True And No One Knows What's Going On

Alright so there you see Damian Lillard and Terrence Mann going to social media to simply say reports of the NBA being cancelled is not true. We'll get to Dame in a second - he's obviously the big name here. But why is Terrence Mann important? Mann plays for the Clippers. Remember, the Clippers are apparently one of the two teams that voted to boycott the rest of the season. He's saying that essentially every report out there is false. I don't doubt that. We were getting so many different reports that there has to be a little bit of something wrong with each one.

Then there's Dame. Yes, the Blazers are about to be knocked out of the playoffs but he's still one of the biggest names in the sport. You don't think he has a say? You don't think he knows a bit about what's going on here? The fact that he's going to social media - granted it's a comment on a post vs saying something himself doesn't diminish that fact. 

What happens next? I have no idea. We know there's a meeting today - both the players and the Board of Governors. We know there won't be games played today. We know there are players that want to keep playing. I'm going to guess that we get a decision one way or the other today. They can't keep dragging it on so players can make decisions about whether they leave the bubble or not. Either way, right now we have a players publicly saying everything we've heard isn't true.