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Wake Up With 6 Minutes Of Umpires Making Some God Awful Calls

Hoooo boy were these some bad missed calls. I mean all of them were god awful. Calling guys out when the first baseman isn't even on the bag. The Todd Helton one may be my favorite, he's like 2 feet from the bag, umpire calls him out, and he runs off the field cuz he knows it's wrong. Some of the strike calls too, sheeeeesh. Joe Nathan almost throwing a ball in the dirt and getting the game ending K and then literally mouthing "WOW" was great. I know umpiring is hard, I get it. But these guys are supposed to be pros, and it seems like now more than ever they are fucking up big time. We get an ump show almost every night now it seems. I don't know about you all, but I certainly love paying money to watch an umpire butcher a call or 2. 

Shoutout Angel Hernandez, that dude always messes up.