I Can't Get Enough Of These Juan Soto Comparison Graphics


This is the new thing- comparing Juan Soto to every legend who has ever played the game. We saw it nonstop last year, as Soto was being compared to Griffey due to their prowess at the plate before they turned 21. And now we have moved onto comparisons to guys like Willie Mays. Beautiful. 

And obviously we have no idea if Soto is going to keep this sort of pace up for his entire career, but sitting at the age of 21, what he is doing is remarkable. Between him, Acuna (22 years old), Tatis Jr (21), and Vladi Jr (21), it's crazy how many incredible hitters are barely able to legally drink. Then you can toss in guys like Bellinger and Moncada who are 25, and this current crop of players under 25 is simply unreal to watch. 

And yes, as that tweet said, Soto hit a home run 13 seconds later. What the tweet doesn't say is he hit it 550 feet oppo. 


Wait til he actually bulks up. Lordy.




PS: I find this graphic unfair and I do not know why they made it. Only posting it here to show how mean the MASN people are, smh.