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The Brewers And Reds Have Canceled Their Game Tonight In Wake Of The NBA Going On Strike In Response To The Shooting Of Jacob Blake

Wow. I never saw the MLB - even Milwaukee - sitting out tonight. That's not even a slight to the MLB, I didn't expect the NBA to go on strike, either. Baseball has been going on today. I don't fault them for it. Josh Hader about an hour ago said it was something the Brewers would discuss and you'd have to think once the Bucks went on strike they decided to join them in sitting out. It would be weird being the only Milwaukee team playing knowing your broadcast would spend a hefty amount of time talking about the Bucks refusal to play and the general civil unrest sweeping Wisconsin. I don't anticipate the rest of the sports world shutting down, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Brewers were back playing before the Bucks got back on the court, but it's beautiful to see both Milwaukee teams currently in season stand in unity at a time like this. 

This isn't something that's going away any time soon. I can't imagine this many people with this large of a collective platform stopping and going back to work without any satiating action.