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Buckle Up Boys And Girls, Joey Crawford Has Been Flown In To Ref Game 5 Tonight In Cleveland!

Screen Shot 2015-05-12 at 9.37.09 AM




And Stern does it again. Just when you think we were about to have a fair and balanced series he flies in Lebron’s personal body guard Joey Crawford to hijack the whole thing. We were this close guys, this close to not having Joey Crawford make everything about Joey Crawford. Day ruined.



Oh and for the record, I don’t think he’ll call the game in favor of one team or the other, he’ll just do Joey Crawford things.









Joey Crawford ices Kevin Durant at the line.



Joey Crawford almost ejects mop boy




Joey Crawford ejects Tim Duncan for giggling.




Joey Crawford makes things up



Joey Crawford yells at PA Announcer




The best








On the plus side, at least Pau is back to running at a full sprint.