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Enes Kanter Finally Got Nick Wright To Bend The Knee And Admit He Was Wrong

Alright what the hell is going on around here. Are we all dead? Did hell freeze over or something? Am I about to see a pig fly? I almost didn't even believe what my eyes were watching and ears were hearing when I watched that 1 minute clip. If you're a little confused and aren't sure where this all stems from, here's a reminder

On Monday I broke down just how incorrect each and every one of Nick Wright's statements ended up being

but in the spirit of admitting when we are wrong, I have to do the same for how I ended this blog where I said

So will Nick Wright admit he was wrong? Of course not. He'll move the goalposts like he always does. He's already done it with Jayson Tatum. Trolls do what trolls do.

To be fair though, no chance Nick Wright admits he was wrong if Kanter wasn't on his show. But let's give him credit, he owned up to one of the worst Celtics takes we heard all season. Now he wasn't being totally truthful when he said he's not often wrong, Nick Wright is wrong all the damn time, but that's besides the point. At least he didn't try and spinzone his comments from before the season and owned up to it. 

The one thing I do love about Kanter isn't just his offensive rebounding, the man knows how to pander to us fans. This comment right here?

Giphy Images.

Now I don't know what this all means moving forward because frankly I never thought we would live in a world where Nick Wright would admit he was wrong about a Celtics take. This is unknown territory as far as I see it. I guess we chalk it up to a win that not only did this team shut up every goddamn Sixers troll on Twitter who spent all year in my mentions, but they also shut up one of the biggest trolls on television and made him bend the knee. 

So thank you Enes Kanter. Now let's focus on you not missing point blank putbacks, being serviceable in drop coverage and still being an absolute monster on the offensive glass.