Ducks Fan From Reddit Posts He'll Get a "Corey Perry Is a Saint" Tattoo If They Won Game 5, And Backs It Up

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Tattoo guys are the best. You always hear about people who “want a tattoo, but I want it to mean something”. Chicks going on and on about some spiritual revolution they went through and what their tattoo’s deep meaning is. Not tattoo guys. They’ll get anything. This guy got a Corey Perry tattoo after a round 2 victory. Not even the Cup. But a round 2 victory. Now every time he’s in a bar and someone asks him why he got that tattoo, what does he say? “Well ya see, I posted on reddit that I’d get the tattoo if they won game 5 of the 2nd round over the Flames, and what was I going to do, NOT follow through on my word to a bunch of strangers on the Internet?” Can’t argue with that logic. Don’t want to be the guy who doesn’t get a Corey Perry tattoo and have redditguy69 mad at you the rest of your life. Just not worth it.