Xavier McKinney Fractured His Foot, David Mayo Tore His Meniscus, And Nothing Good Comes From Training Camp

What the fuck is this?!? Couldn't the Football Gods at least had the decency to allow reports of a player leaving practice on a cart to marinate for a few hours so all of us Giants fans could freak out about a potential injury instead of just dropping this news on Twitter like its Captain Queenan?

Obviously both of these injuries SUCK for a defense that had its work cut out this season (this is my Be Positive For Coach Judge way of saying it was probably going to be shitty). I was stoked for Xavier McKinney because having a pro-ready Safety from Bama that could not only be used all over the place but actually *gasp* cover tight ends was a dream, as was being able to do the DX chop after every big play he made all over the goddamn field.

Giphy Images.

Instead we lose the X-Man from an already decimated secondary as well as a serviceable David Mayo from a linebacking corps I haven't felt comfortable with since Antonio Pierce was shedding three Packers at a time.

I needed to include this gif just to make me feel a something other than sadness and anger

Now we get to listen to the entire internet and media world freak out about Coach Judge's practices being "too tough" even though literally every other NFL team has similar injuries throughout this landmine-laden timeframe we call NFL training camp.

Week 1 cannot get here soon enough.