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Jay Pharoah Disses SNL On Pardon My Take*

* = this is a clickbait headline attempt per the request of Mr. Commenter. Jay Pharoah did not actually diss SNL.

On today's Pardon My Take, Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter welcomed on comedian Jay Pharoah to talk about his new movies, his career at SNL, being an impressions guy, and much more. Speaking of SNL, the guys dove into the topic of how his time ended there. Here is how that went down:

Mr. Cat: So you had, I mean, I guess it was kind of public breakup with SNL. Afterwards, you said that, you know, you weren't so happy with how it all ended. Have you repaired that at all or you just...

Jay Pharoah: Did I say I wasn't happy with how it all ended?

Mr. Cat: I saw an article that says 'Jay Pharoah disses Saturday Night Live after firing."

Jay Pharoah: Yeah, and that's where I'm going to correct you right now because those people that put out that article, which is clickbait. The headline is clickbait. I didn't say anything in that, "Oh, it was..." I did not diss anybody. What I said, and I will say it again. I'll reiterate what I said. At a certain point, you can be put in a box for doing one thing when you might be multitalented and you might not get a chance to show those other talents just because you've been type cast or put in a box. Hollywood does that. Everybody does that. They take what they think you are and they try to perpetuate that, which you might not be that. There might be so much more to you and you're not getting a chance to show those skills. That's all I was saying.

Mr. Cat: That's not even close to a diss! So, we're going to fix that headline, because that happens to everyone at SNL, or a lot of people at SNL. You see the same characters over and over. You're this guy, you're that guy. Alright, so we're gonna fix that headline. Fuck Variety for saying you were wrong. Jay Pharoah doesn't diss them.

Mr. Commenter: You do understand we have to get our clicks in, too. So, Jake, when you write up this interview for the blog, put 'Jay Pharoah disses SNL on Pardon My Take' and then in the body, we'll correct it. 

Mr. Cat: Listen, the real reason I ask, Jay, is because I was hoping that you were like, 'Yeah, it didn't end great.' And then you could get to be such a big star that you then go back to host and then you intentionally bomb just to fuck them over. That would be cool.

Jay Pharoah: Haha. Why would I do that?

Mr. Cat: For fun! Just to be like, "Haha, fuck you guys!"

Have to respect those who go out with class. Jay Pharoah is one of those guys. SMH at Variety for the clickbait headline that we totally didn't use for this blog as well.