What A Fun Time To Be A Sox Fan

I hate that anything affects my emotional and mental well being as much as the White Sox affect mine. I mean it's brutal; for years I just lived in misery watching L after L pile up for the Sox and Bears. Oddly enough the only team that has granted me any sort of consistent success is Northwestern football. 

But not no more! The Sox are built for the long haul and last night was a perfect glimpse into America's eyeballs of what's going down on the South Side right now. Lucas Giolito was absolutely surgical last night. Here are his final 3 outs: 

The bend on his slider paired with 97 at the eyes and an 80MPH swing and miss changeup is going to shut down even the most potent lineups. Just see 2019 Giolito vs. Astros, Giolito vs. Twins. He has legit swing and miss shit, and you know what the best way to limit runs is? 

To not let hitters make contact when they swing:

Don't give me shit about "it was just the Pirates!", either. 

Giphy Images.

The offense is firing on all cylinders and there are still waves of high end talent still yet to make it to Chicago in Andrew Vaughn, Garrett Crochet and even Nick Madrigal who's only seen a handful of ABs this year. Dane Dunning has had one start. Michael Kopech opted out but will be back and ready to go on a tear in 2021. For as good as everything is right now, they are at the very start of their marathon and 2nd and 3rd winds are ready to go as soon as they're asked to be deployed.

I mean they have $33MM coming off the books this offseason and will be entering free agency with just about their entire roster controlled and a payroll that will be just over $100MM:

Read: they have room to add, and they have room to add a lot

And I haven't even talked about Tim Anderson, who's the straw that stirs the White Sox drink, Jose Abreu who's the elder statesman of the team, or James McCann who's arguably my favorite player on the team because of how well he works with the staff. Life is good! Pray for the fucking league!!!

And because of that, we're blasting away on White Sox merch. Don't miss out!!