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Did Indiana Pass On Playing UK/UNC/UCLA Because They Realized They Aren't A Blueblood And Scared Of Being Embarrassed?

[The Athletic] - Exactly. When we first started talking about the concept of what became the CBS Sports Classic and pitched it — while already playing in the Champions Classic — we initially went after the teams with the most championships all-time. That was us, UCLA, Indiana and North Carolina. Who thinks that way? Let’s get all the greatest champions under one roof. We were bouncing ideas about scheduling off each other and we settled on that and we’re looking at each other like, You really think we can pull this off? So we sat down in Destin (Fla., at the SEC spring meetings) and talked to CBS about it and made it happen. Now, Indiana passed on the idea, so that’s how we got Ohio State. But I think that event is something we’re proud of.

Oh no, you're telling me Indiana passed on playing Kentucky? That can't be. I was told that Indiana would play Kentucky anywhere, any time. Now they had a chance to play in an elite event and they said no? That can't be! Well, unless you remember Indiana hasn't been, well, they haven't been good in quite some time. Even when they were good, they couldn't figure out the slightest bit how to beat a zone as a No. 1 seed. But this? There's only one way to describe Indiana here: 

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I don't want to hear one thing from Indiana fans. You PASSED on playing an event that would let you play Kentucky, UNC and UCLA. Even UCLA jumped at that opportunity and there's arguably not a program in the country that has had a bigger fall from the top. They realized the opportunity and took advantage. Meanwhile Indiana is losing to Ft. Wayne and haven't played a top-100 nonconference strength of schedule since 2008-09! They've played a sub-200 one 10 of the 11 years. The lone time? This past year when they checked at 198! Try to be softer, you can't. 

You just hate to see Indiana scared of playing the big boys. Truly a shame for a once proud program. But go ahead scream about Assembly Hall. You had your chance.