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Why Lie? You Want To See Ronaldo's Girlfriend Swimming Around In A Thong So Here You Go

No need for a creative title. It's as basic as it sounds. You want to see Ronaldo's girlfriend swimming around in a thong, so here you go. I wanted to see it, you want to see it, no need to lie about it all. She's got a great ass. Life must be tough for Ronaldo you know. Make something like $105 million this year alone and come home to your smoke girlfriend. 

Life is tough for Georgina Rodriguez though. She has to sleep in sexy lingerie every night.

She gets $100,000 every month to live a lavish lifestyle

She had to sweat out the answer of whether Ronaldo's best moment was his best goal or having sex with her: 

And now she gets to hang out on this ridiculous yacht, go on all these trips and swim around in a thong. Tough life.