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Logan Couture Says He Got Sucker Punched In Toronto Last Night For Talking Politics

You hear a story like this and immediately recognize that some people have lost their god damn minds. I don't know Logan Couture personally. He's been loosely linked to the Barstool Universe going back to his appearance on KFC Radio which was probably in like 2014. Seems like a good dude, a normal dude, a blue collar type of guy even though he's a multi-millionaire professional athlete and captain of the San Jose Sharks. 

I have a question...can everyone just chill out and give random people the benefit of the doubt. Also maybe realize that people who have different opinions than you might have different information and definitely grew up differently. That doesn't make them bad people. It is so hard to know what to trust and what is the right policy. The world is extremely complex and confusing. Nobody is all good or all bad and you can disagree without, you know...feeling the urge to punch someone in the fucking face. That is INSANE. 

Also...TJ Lang...that type of response to this situation...also a major problem. Labeling a group of people as "liberals" which makes it sound like a pejorative instead of a loose definition of values isn't good. I don't want to assume I know what TJ means by "liberals", but I think he would assume that people who voted for Hillary are "liberals". Well 65 MILLION people voted for Hillary so to say that violence is all too "normal" for liberals these days isn't accurate. It demonizes your political opposition which makes people dig in more. 

I also made the mistake of looking at the replies to this tweet thread. The amount of people being like "hey, you kind of deserved it for not knowing how problematic Trump is, please educate yourself" is troubling. A proper response to someone saying that they were sucker punched for having an "unpopular" opinion..."jesus fucking christ. That's horrible. So sorry that happened to you. Are you okay?". That's it. That is the response. A version of that. A little compassion and civility. We are just at the start of election season. Everyone try their best to not be an asshole. I am going to try too. I struggle with not being an asshole sometimes. I am actively working on it and realizing that I don't know everything and cut people slack because we are all idiots in one area or another.