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Wake Up With The World's Oldest Song: Hurrian Hymn No 6

This blog is brought to you by my brain listening to WAP last night and thinking; "damn, this song is going to be around forever. Preserved in the cloud and on mircochips for all of time. People are going to listen to this in 1000 years on some old computer file and be like wtf is wrong with the world in 2020(The answer is...a lot). Then I got to thinking what is the oldest song in the world. Well...google says it's this jam. Hurrian Hymn No.6. Which, I mean right in the name of suggests that there must be a Hurrian Hymn No 1 which means it's not the oldest, but whatever. Oldest preserved. Archeologists found this clay tablet in Syria in the 1950s and somehow they were able to look at these weird ass extinct markings and determine that it was a song and then people figured out how to play the notes. Pretty incredible.  

This is some real old shit. It was what all the people of Canaan and Mitanni were getting down to in 1400 BCE. That is around the time of Moses. People were still in direct communication with God on the tops of mountains when this song was being played. The song was written on the same thing God used to write his commandments for living in the world on. Crazy old. 

I feel like this is the Massage Envy sound track. Something where you can just kind of close your eyes and drift away. After a long day of shepherding and walking around with a long stick you could come home, make one of your wives play this on the harp, smoke some frankincense and fall asleep in your house made from mud and straw. Not a bad way to end a pre-biblical day.