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Elias Pettersson Is A Menace To Society

Ladies and gentlemen, Elias Pettersson. The Baby Faced Assassin. If you made a Kidz Bop version of James Bond, Elias Pettersson is your villain. A charming Swede who seems like he's sweet enough in public. Heck, he won't even steal a glove from his opponent. 


But will this maniac proceed to steal your soul straight from your body with his filthy mitts? Every single chance he gets. 

He's a ruthless killer. A relentless monster who will stop at nothing to make you look as silly as possible. To have the hands and the patience and the confidence to pull off that backhand-forehand move in tight like that just proves that Pettersson has cruel intentions every time the puck is on his stick. And this assist to Toffoli was equally. as menacing. 

Between Pettersson doing shit like this and Miro Heiskanen being 2nd among all skaters in playoff points right now, I think it's only fair that we get to re-do the 2017 Draft. Only seems right. 

Sidenote: The delay of game penalty for putting the puck over the glass continues to be the worst rule in the game. Especially if you can't even review the call to see it blatantly deflect off the glass first. 

If you can review a play for being half a millimeter offside, then you should be able to review that call. Or to make it easier for everybody involved, just get that rule out of the game. It stinks.