It Looks Like The Indians Clubhouse Is Finally Done Being Whiny Babies


Look, there is absolutely no question that what Mike Clevinger and Zach Plesac did was bad. I'd classify it as REALLY stupid, pretty bad, and lucky that nothing worse came from it. They deserved to be sent home and miss a couple days while the world talked about how dumb they were. But that's about all they deserved. At the end of the day, this is a Major League Baseball team. Our number one goal should be to win baseball games. So this "team meeting" in which a veteran player to opt out if Clevinger and Plesac remained with the Indians is flat out embarrassing.

Listen, OIiver Perez, you relief pitcher with a career ERA of 4.35, get off your high horse. Either that or pack your bags and leave. You went from being in the right to going overboard and now being in the wrong. You are a nobody, and certainly not in any position to tell the Indians that they need to trade two good young pitchers with incredibly cheap contracts that look like they'll be a big part of the organization for years to come. So if you're telling me that you're opting out if they come back, you are the weakest link, goodbye.

And this is 100% not saying that what Clevinger and Plesac did was okay. They're both morons, and Clevinger lying about it is probably one of the most scumbag moves I've ever seen. But should it be a death penalty? This isn't the 7th grade basketball team we're talking about here, Oliver Perez. The Indians job is to put the best product on the field, and Mike Clevinger is infinitely better than the bullpen guy or minor leaguer we'd have to fill his spot in the rotation with.

Which brings me to my next point: sorry, Plesac. Triston McKenzie threw 6 innings of 2 hit baseball in his first ever start. He was lights out. And he didn't put his teammates, including one who just beat cancer, in danger. So yeah, he's gonna stay up here. 

Listen, there's room for Zach Plesac in the Major Leagues. But right now, he's the 2nd of 2 pitchers that are in the dog house. So he's going to continue to wait.

I really hope tonight's start is a fresh start. This better not be a showcase for Clevinger to be a Yankee by the end of the week. Forget what Oliver Perez thinks. How about we listen to what someone more important thinks.