Patrick Beverley Talking Shit On Every Free Throw Like It's 'BASEketball' Is Exactly What We Need From The Bubble

I don't ask for a lot in life. I ask for people to understand basing everything off the NCAA Tournament is stupid. I ask for people to understand zone is for pussies. I ask for the NBA bubble to turn into a full on shit talking experience. I want BASEketball type psych outs and we're getting there with Patrick Beverley and really the Clippers bench. In case you're wondering what I'm talking about, specifically these examples from the movie: 

Pat Bev is injured so this is the role he needs to take on. Everyone knows their role. Some guys turn into assistant coaches on the bench. Some guys just sit there. Pat Bev is going to talk a bunch of shit. Pretty soon we're going to see him pull a Russ and start getting into it with the opposing team during a timeout: 

And this is what I love about last night. He's not afraid to talk shit to the biggest names in the game. But more importantly we have Luka giving it right back to him. Again, I just want to be able to hear this. Stop giving me the fake fans and fake noise. Let me hear the shit talking unedited. I need to know what Pat Bev is saying to Doncic here. Keep up the shit talking and hard fouls. These playoffs have been awesome.