Get Your Day Started With Dave Schultz Beating The Brakes Off Of Garry Howatt While Classeless Islanders Fans Act Like Scumbags

It must pain those scumbag Islander fans that their team plays such a boring brand of hockey these days. The Flyers may not be the same bullies as they once were but at least they haven't been completely neutered. I mean Islanders fans are sneakily the biggest scumbags in the league. Even when they ripped the team off of Long Island and put them up some fancy ass arena in Brooklyn, these dirt balls still felt the need to throw shit on the ice at the Flyers after getting their asses beat. This was just 4 seasons ago. 

You can tell that they're still dirt balls at heart, but the team just doesn't give them anything to be dirt balls about. Poor Frankie must be so confused watching this boring hockey all the time. No adrenaline, no nothing, just painfully boring Lou Lamoriello hockey. It's a shame. 

But yeah. Game 2 today at 3pm. Luckily there aren't any fans in the barn so the Flyers won't have to worry about getting any drinks tossed at them after they win this game and tie up the series. Tough go at it in game 1 but all that matters now is that you win the next one. The Flyers don't lose back-to-back. Tie up the series today, let Moose do his thing tomorrow. Take a 2-1 series lead into the weekend. Let's have ourselves a day here, boys.