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Luka Doncic Doesn't Want To Talk To Marcus Morris Because 'He's Saying A Lot Of Bad Stuff To Me' ... Well, That And People Thinking He Purposely Tried To Injure Luka

Controversy! We finally got it. And of course it involved Marcus Morris, he was the heavy favorite along with Marcus Smart. Why? Because Marcus Morris is a fucking pest. That's his game. He grabs people, he holds, he yanks, he's physical, he's a pain in the ass. I've actually started to appreciate him because so many nerds that think they are NBATwitter hate him and complain about him being annoying. Ironically enough they are the same people who wish it was the 80s with toughness. 

But this? This is Grayson Allen-esque. This is Duke-esque. Do I think it was purposely trying to injure? Not that far. But there's intent here. I get that you want to apply pressure to Luka, but Marcus Morris doesn't pick dudes up full court. He's not playing at Prep Charter anymore and losing to me. Nbd. But that's not his game anymore. He's a guy that's going to pick up just in front of halfcourt and defend his ass off there. That's why I think there's intent here. Which brings us to Luka: 

I get his frustration, but come on man. Of course Marcus Morris is talking shit. The thing is Luka talks as much shit as anyone. He's a well-known shit talker to other players and refs alike. Again, he can take offense to the whole stepping on his ankle thing, but Marcus saying mean things to him? That's just so soft dude. I don't want to hear that. You're the star of the NBA playoffs right now along with Jamal Murray and Donovan Mitchell. Talk shit right back to him on that mic. Tell him about how the Clippers are being roasted for putting Marcus Morris on you instead of one of their two all-NBA Defense wings. 

Can we get this series to game 7 please? We've finally found our series of hard fouls, a bunch of technicals, people talking shit. Give me it for 7.