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Doc Rivers Nearly Breaks Into Tears Pleading For Equality And Common Sense From Americans

Listen to his voice. Listen. This is a man asking for something so simple he cannot understand why he must ask. This isn't someone who hates this country. This isn't someone posturing for public approval. This isn't someone with a checkered past with whom you have to question his motives. This is a man who wants to do his job, live his life, move his family wherever he pleases, without having the color of his skin brought up or held against him. This is a man who isn't radicalized to the point where he's screaming to defund the police. He's the son of a cop, he knows his father to be a good man, he knows there have to be more like him. He's asking for justice. He's pleading for accountability. He cannot, at 58-years old, understand why the country he loves still does not love him back. He sounds tired, mentally tired. Jaylen Brown, Fred VanVleet, George Hill, Paul George, LeBron James, Donovan Mitchell, they sound tired. They aren't buying that these impassioned speeches are having an impact. There's been talks of boycotting playoff games. 

"I should just be a coach." 

These players and coaches want to do their jobs, they don't want to keep making these statements, they don't want to learn any more names, they want the smallest shred of human decency. It's not a big ask.