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What An Absolutely Ridiculous Catch/Throw By Victor Robles


Good gravy that was insane. Robles is a magician with his glove night in and night out, and tonight was no exception. What an outstanding recovery to make a sensational play on the ball, but then somehow made an even better throw to first base. They clocked that throw at 288 feet on the fly and 85 MPH. His back was pretty much against the deepest part of center field's wall and he threw a laser beam. My arm is sore just watching that.

I love watching Robles throw guys out. Baseball loves stats, I think we're in the golden age of "outfield assists". I can't get enough of them.


And yes as I've been typing this blog it has gone from 4-2 5-2 Phillies. Not looking great! But at least that play was awesome.