I'm Pretty Sure Coach Judge Just Ensured The Giants Will Never Get Another Defensive Holding Penalty Called On Them Ever Again By Taping Tennis Balls To DBs Hands

I miss these guys so goddamn much

There is no penalty more crushing to the soul than defensive holding. Sure there are other penalties that can hurt you more like pass interference or a personal foul. But getting a big stop on third down and then seeing some yellow laundry fly that awards your opponent rips out the guts of the coaches, players, and fans.

Well Coach Judge just fixed that gigantic thorn in the side of every football coach ever since the Colts cried foul about the Pats DBs grabbing their receivers by simply using some athletic tape sitting in the locker room and a couple cans of tennis balls fresh out of the can with that weird ass smell. Sometimes modern day problems require old school solutions. I guess that's the kind of rudimentary thinking you get from a former teacher that graduated from Saban U and got his Masters from the Belichick School of Hard Knocks. While all the haters in the lamestream media were screaming their dicks off about how Coach Judge was the latest branch of the BB Coaching Tree that would hardo himself right out of a job just because he asked some grown men to run laps, they forgot how much the HC of NEP loves the Giants organization and would never ship them a lemon, or to be honest anything but a gem. Coach Judge is a teacher first, a communicator second, but a coach above all else. Does any of that make sense? I'm not sure. But it sounded good in my head.

And yes, this entire blog was written with tennis balls taped to my hands in order to make me a better typer. 

Guess what? Turns out it is pretty much impossible to type more than one letter at a time with fucking tennis balls duct taped to your hands. But you know what? I'm a better blogger, and to be honest man, thanks to this exercise. Another example of Coach Judge changing the entire Big Blue culture from the coaches to the players to the media and even the fans. Forget about the Steelers and Week 1. I can't wait to see how we can continue to become better tomorrow. That's the Coach Judge way and #CoachJudgeStandard.


UPDATE 2: Power went back on at the Casa de Clem no more than 5 minutes after I tweeted this. God is officially a fan of the Coach Judge Way.