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Here's Kylie Jenner In A Revealing $400 Bra

Earlier today I did a blog about French women rejecting bras, how I'm jumping on the bandwagon & that these will soon be a thing of the past. 

Boyyyy am I an idiot. 

From Page Six:

Kylie Jenner stepped out at West Hollywood hotspot Delilah on Saturday night in an all-white outfit that left little to the imagination, pairing her safety-pinned Sami Miro Vintage sweatpants ($285) and slashed hoodie ($297) with a Bottega Veneta knit bra ($400).

Her Skims thong ($14) peeking out over her pants, the 23-year-old makeup mogul finished the aughts-inspired look with a duo of body chains from Ettika, along with a five-figure, diamond-studded Ruby Stella necklace ($16,675) and Bottega Veneta hoop earrings ($530) and heels ($1,530).

According to my calculations she's wearing at least $19,731 worth of clothing & accessories while simultaneously just sorta, uh, wearin' sweats. I'll be darned. Guess she and I aren't that different, except for when I dress down my jewelry is H&M earrings that hurt & turn my ears green and I generally look like Charlize Theron (in Monster) and I'm just waiting for McDonald's delivery alone while watching My 600LB Life reruns on TLC  ahaha  ha.      ha. 

Giphy Images.

Anyways, guess despite all those petitions to kick her off the WAP video it appears she's still managing to get by. Thanks for the clicks, Kylie. Thanks for the clicks. Sincerely, Clickbait Kate.