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Squirrely Bicyclist Brings The Heat And Then Some To All You Dumbass Motorists

A public service announcement from your PISSED OFF neighborhood cyclist. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE WITH ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY!!!

Head on a swivel, drivers of South Dakota. You’ve got a hardo on your hands threatening murder and “Inconvenience Fees”. He’s training hard with that 10-pound dumbbell and those teeth straight out of the Cretaceous Period are ready to draw blood. Seriously though, do cyclists everywhere in this country have douche running through there veins? You could be on Chestnut St, in NYC, roaming the motherfucking open roads of SOUTH DAKOTA and it’s the same exact story. It’s infuriating. And I would HAMMER the dozens of dollars in my bank account this cheesedick thinks the road is his oyster. Guaranteed. This dead ringer for a lesbian needs to keep his mouth shut and share the road.

h/t Chris