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Nothing But Respect For Marseille Fans Storming The Street And Partying To Celebrate Rival PSG's Loss In The Champions League Finals

On one hand you can say this is petty, they are celebrating another team, their own squad couldn't make the finals, yada, yada, yada. All fair. On my hand, I say sports needs pettiness. Sports are built on rivalries and hatred. If you don't hate and I mean truly hate another team, you're living life wrong. You do anything to see them in pain and lose important games. You want them to think they are about to experience ecstasy only to end up crying on the bench.

But look at these French people. They are PARTYING in the streets over the Champions League result. I have nothing but respect for that. That's the hatred we need more of in America. We get it in college sports a decent amount. Feel free to look at my mentions when Kentucky loses in the NCAA Tournament. But we need more of this at the pro level. I'm talking full on celebrating in the streets when your rival loses in the playoffs. Who cares how petty it looks? 

Not to mention Marseille is the only French team to win the Champions League. Feel like that's worth banging the drum about. You hold on to that hammer as long as you possibly can. It's the ultimate trump card because people love yelling about rings.